Our Product


Platform key features:

  • Intuitive dashboard to organize content

  • Contextually and patient / user-appropriate education

  • Structured education experience

  • Crowdsourcing to identify valuable resources

  • Robust patient / user outcomes data capture

  • Robust analytics & reporting

We have built two distinctive versions of our platform. Health Linqage is focused on health and wellness opportunities, while Community Linqage is focused on education, curriculum, and continued learning applications and community environments.


Health Linqage

The Health Linquage platform can be configured to support a number of conditions or educational needs. For episodic conditions (e.g., cancer, with periods of focused interventions with a beginning and an end), educational or other content is tailored to the step of the patient care journey (e.g., surgery or radiation). For other conditions or needs (e.g., patients living with diabetes), educational or other content is tailored to  an educational pathway that shares information in a logical, bite-sized approach, for example education about the condition, followed by medications, followed by nutrition, etc.

In both cases, resources are tailored to user preferences and capabilities, including learning style, level of technical knowledge, and resource type preferences. 

Additionally, the Linqage platform has an Education Module that permits the delivery of structured educational courses that pulse out learning modules over a defined frequency, with knowledge validation after each.


Community Linqage

With Community Linqage (CQ) we are building the future of precision education for associations or member-driven organizations. Most educational material has been designed with the average person in mind. However, we know each person is unique. Their specific interests, background and technical knowledge, literacy level, and learning style all contribute to educational needs. Precision Education takes into account these differences, formulating education strategies and material based on users unique backgrounds and interests.

The Linqage Platform provides a structured learning experience, with educational modules pulsed out over time, and knowledge validation after each.

The Linqage Platform supports the host organization to provide users continuous, tailored educational resources beyond structured modules, as well as robust 'crowdsourcing' of resources that permits user peers to share what they find valuable, both within private networks and across the platform user base.